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The Western Pump

Vertical Turbine Pump is a type of rotodynamic pump that use radial or modified radial flow impellers in a vertical configuration. These pumps are typically multistage pumps with several levels of impellers encased in a bowl assembly and can further be classified as deep well or short set pumps.

Western pumps have a threaded flange system which avoids the use of flanges, making it a very suitable system to be used in small diameter wells, with this system bolts are not necessary which reduces possible rust as well as maintenance and repair.

The pump is supported by sections of column pipes and shafts with sleeves that connect it to the outside. The strength of the axis allows these pumps to be installed at depths up to 1,600 feet.
All the pumps are custom made for each client.

Types of Western Pump

Water lubricated

The shafts are directly coupled with discharge heads. This application is used for shallow wells or water reservoirs where the static water level is no deeper than 200 ft. High flow and economical pump for freshwater applications.

Oil lubricated

The shafts are protected by external tubes that use a completely enclosed lubrication system to ensure efficient transmission of mechanical power through the whole system. Usually used by deep wells with static water level is deeper than 200 ft. Long-life pump with minimal maintenance requirements.

General technical data

· Capacity from 200 to 2,500 GPM

· Bowl assembly stainless steel, bronze and cast iron

· Gear drive capacity from 60 to 1,000 HP

· Pump setting reaches to 1,200 feet in standard version and 1700 ft in special operation.